We have every accessory you could need to better enjoy yourself, your partner, and/or your toys in the bedroom or wherever your sexy fun takes you!  


Looking to extend your play session, or make things a little more slippery or wet?  We carry a large variety of personal lubricants including Sliquid, System Jo, ID, Wicked, and many more!  There are standard water based lubricants, as well as flavored, silicone, and hybrids.  Whichever part of the body, item, or activity you need to give some extra slip, we have the right lube for the job! 

Getting or giving an intimate massage?  We have massage oils, lotions, and candles to give the perfect, gliding massage.  If you are looking to add flavor to your oral escapades (or make them juicier) we carry a variety of body toppings.  We have sensitizers for those erogenous zones like nipples, penis, or clitoris.  Safe sex?  Our large condom selection includes the top brands and variety of styles and sizes.


It doesn't end there, we have toy cleaners, batteries, storage, games and more!