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How to pick your first vibrator

There are hundreds of options when it comes to vibrators.   When you have never had a vibrator before, this presents a huge challenge on where to start!  We are here to say, "Start here"!

If you are looking for a vibrator, you have already completed the biggest step.  You want to take advantage of the perceived sexual benefits that vibrator provides!  But where to begin!?  The sheer volume of vibrators makes this a daunting task.  You want that perfect toy, the lucky first vibrator friend to bring along on your sexual wellness journey.  Here is where we come in!  Below are some general, but very helpful, tips we offer everyone in the market for a vibrator.  While most vibrators are purchased with the clitoris in mind, these tips apply to vibrators being used on any part of the body:

1)  Start simple - Your first vibrator will not likely be your last.  That being said, keep it simple to start with.  Adding additional components or complicated functions does not mean you will be having better orgasms.  A simple approach or mindset brings you into the world of vibrators focusing on using vibration on the body to bring about pleasure.

2)  Multi-speed - Be sure your first vibrator has more than one speed.  Everyone's sensitivity or preference is different and you don't know what vibration level is the one for you (yet!).   This is especially true for the clitoris where over or under stimulation can be a real orgasm blocker.

3)  Size matters -  Vibrators come in a lot of sizes and having a large one is not particularly better.  Some the most popular and loved vibrators are small bullets styles that fit easily in your hand or between fingers.  Despite some delivering huge power despite their size, they also are easily handled, stored and stay out of the way if you are with a partner.  

4)  Cost conscious - An expensive vibe is not necessarily the best vibe.  A $10 orgasm is no different than a $100 orgasm.  What you DO get with an expensive vibe is better materials, function, and construction.  A cheaper vibrators still delivers vibrations, it just might be louder, simpler, and break faster than pricier ones.

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