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The Clitoris

There are hundreds of options when it comes to vibrators.   When you have never had a vibrator before, this presents a huge challenge on where to start!  We are here to say, "Start here"!

The clitoris is loaded with nerve endings, twice as many as the penis, and its sole purpose is to give its owner pleasure!  More importantly, studies suggest that the vast majority of women enjoy clitoral stimulation and that this stimulation contributes to better and/or more accessible orgasms.  The clitoris responds very well to a variety of touches, but vibration stands out as one of the most effective.


As simple as it sounds to say that, stimulating the clitoris is not always straightforward or easy for everyone.  Everyone experiences touch and sexual stimulation differently and there also may be physical or mental challenges to overcome.   Also, the clitoris is an amazing organ with only the tip being visible nestled near the top of the outer labia and the majority inside the body.  Resembling a wishbone


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