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Dripstick After Sex Clean-Up 10 Pack

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Product Details
Brand: Awkward Essentials

Dripstick, aka the cum sponge, is the first after-sex clean-up product of its kind.

It's a super soft, medical-grade
sponge that quickly soaks up all the excess fluids internally so you can
move on with your day (or night). No more perpetual gooey feeling,
leaking after sex, or ruined underwear!

✨ Dripstick is not a form of birth control, STD/STI protection, or a menstruation product.

directions for use:

  • grip the handle with one hand.
  • while seated, slowly and carefully insert sponge into vaginal canal. maintain a grip on the handle.
  • gently twirl sponge while inserted in the vaginal canal.
  • use the handle to slowly and carefully remove the sponge from the vaginal canal.

*If excess fluids remain, repeat steps #1-4 with an unused product. reminder: always pee after sex to avoid UTIs!

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