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Who we are and how we got here!

IT ALL STARTED as a wild idea between a husband and wife (Lalani and Jake) back in 2008.  Now, it has grown to become the premier source for all things intimate in North Central Washington and nationwide!  

The inspiration was, and still is, a fundamental belief that a healthy and rewarding sex life is a core component of lifelong happiness and of the human experience.  NO ONE should feel like pursuing that goal is dirty, abnormal, or shameful.  The same applies when shopping for sex toys and other bedroom accessories.  At For the Love of It we embrace and celebrate this philosophy.

Here we recognize that sex isn't always easy to talk about so our training strongly emphasizes education and professionalism.  Our staff strives to provide an open and comfortable environment and the information you want and need to make the best possible purchase and progress towards fulfilling your sexual health goals.

At For the Love of It you will not only find a little of everything to keep sex passionate and exciting, but the knowledge and professionalism to back it up.


The original store around 2009

Today we offer both shopping experiences in a physical store and an online store.  The original physical store opened in 2008 on the outskirts of Wenatchee, Washington.  It did well for getting started, but we soon knew we needed a better location and design.  In 2015 after much planning and hard work we opened the new and greatly improved location in the heart of Wenatchee's commercial core. 

The current location demolition

More progress!

It all starts to come together!

The beautiful store you see today is everything we wanted... modern, spacious, well-designed, welcoming, and SEXY!  This new location was a great success, but we could not stop there!  By 2020, and the arrival of an unprecedented pandemic, we wanted and needed to reach customers in new ways.  What was merely idea before rapidly became a reality.  We again rolled up our sleeves and completely overhauled our website to offer store pickup, local delivery, AND national shipping!  

We carry a huge variety of products covering every facet of bedroom fun.  Can't find what you're looking for?  Let us know!  We review all requests and determine if we need to expand our selection.  New products arrive every week and that is part of the sexy FUN!  Not sure what to choose or have sexual wellness questions, just ask!  We are continually educating ourselves and our staff to keep up to date on all manner of information and advice.

Thank you to everyone who visits us in store and online!  We truly love helping people accomplish their sexual health and enjoyment goals and look forward to fulfilling that mission every day!

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