Return Policy


Your satisfaction means a lot to us!  We love helping our customers find that very sex accessory that they want and need to keep things new and exciting.  We also know that like many things in life, there is no guarantee that you will love everything you take home or that it will last forever.  

Return policy (here is how it reads on our receipt):

Lingerie may be returned, tags attached
and undamaged for in store credit only.
We will not accept returns on sale items,
packaged/boxed lingerie, underwear, or costumes.
No returns past 30 days


 There are reasons most sex stores do not take returns.  The most important is because the intimate nature of the products. Many of our products come in contact with parts of the body that due to sanitary reasons we cannot resell or even handle without protection.  No one wants to buy a used sex toy or pair of panties.  This is why we strive to keep our staff as knowledgeable and helpful as possible.  It is why we test every vibrator before it leaves the store with its new owner (ensure it works).   


There are definitely some exceptions to this policy, please feel free to call and check.  In advance, we THANK YOU very much for your patience and understanding.  

- For the Love of It ownership and management


- Manufacturers in our industry have dramatically improved their quality in recent years, as well as their warranties.  Many have one to five year warranties on their products.  If able, register your product and/or hold on to your receipt (especially if it is a more luxurious brand).  

- Again, keep your receipt.  Any attempt to return to store or manufacturer will only be possible with proof of purchase.

- Ask questions from the staff about products to make the best possible choice.

- Take good care of your item.  Store, use, and clean everything within reason and per manufacturers' recommendations.