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Alpha Man 3000 Male Enhancement Pill

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Product Details
Brand: Herbal Supplements
SKU: ps-alphae

Enhance blood flow with Alphaman Extreme 3000! It's fast acting, long lasting, and maximizes climax! Natural formula so you don't have to worry about headaches.

Product Details

Includes: One 3000mg capsule

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: Go Ji Extract, Deng Sen Extract, Atractylodes, Cinnamon Bark, Dismutase, Cornus, Cuscuta, Dang Gui, Licorice, Condonopsis, Cordyceps Sinesis, Rubus, Panax Giseng, Pueraria Lobata, Superoxide Dismutase

Caution: Do not exceed more than 1 capsule in 60 hours. Not recommended for individuals with heart problems, high blood pressure, or those taking nitrates.

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