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Bring Sexy Back Game

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Product Details
Brand: Ball and Chain
SKU: 6011

Looking to add a little experimentation and imagination to your routine? Look no further than the Bring Sexy Back game! This exciting game turns every sexy session into your own fantasy adventure. Enjoy many new levels of sexual fulfillment, guaranteed to bring the Sexy Back into your Bedroom!

Product Details

Contents: 1 Activity Die, 90 Activity Cards, and 1 Game Spinner

How to Play:

Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down. Play begins by rolling the lips activity dice to determine who will play first (pink lips for one player, black lips for the other). The first player chosen will then spin the spinner to determine the number of cards they can select from the 90 activity cards in the deck. Once the player has chosen their cards, they can select to use as many of those cards they want and their opponent will have to perform those chosen activities with them. Once the activities are performed, play continues and the next player has a turn to roll the dice and so on.

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