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Liberator Birdi Toy Strap For The Wedge

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Product Details
Brand: Liberator

Discover endless possibilities for play with the Birdi. This machine washable, waterproof, toy holder if perfect for adding your favorite toy to your wedge for a steamy partner or solo session! Experience the unraveling of boundaries, the fusion of pleasure, and the creation of ecstatic memories as you pair the birdi with a wand, dildo, vibrator or even a Fleshlight. Elevate your passion, embrace the thrill, and let the Birdi soar you to unimaginable heights.

Product Details

Material: Polyester / Microvelvet fabric / Waterproof liner

Color: Black

Measurements: Length 24"/ Width 18.7"

Warranty: 1-year manufactures warranty

Care and Cleaning: Machine washable

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